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This is a wonderful solution for women who want to wake-up every day with a natural-looking lip colour, it can also help prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding areas of the skin. The purpose is to attain an enhancement of their own colour.

Elizabeth practices methods that give clients natural-looking enhancements or tint, this does not give clients the look of wearing bright shades of lipstick, that way you can always add lip colour or colour gloss if you desire.

Lips, contour, full colour, blush - £299


This treatment is perfect if you just want a more defined lip contour (lip line) all you would need to do would be to fill in with lipstick or gloss for that natural look.

Lips, contour, full colour, blush - £299


This can enhance thin lips and adjust asymmetry, clients with scaring or a faded lip line can really benefit from this procedure as it can restructure the lips and optically increase the volume of the lips by applying light and shade techniques.

Lips, contour, full colour, blush - £299

Top ups starting from £150
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