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Elizabeth studies the face of the client and decides the shape and colour to suit that person individually.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame the whole face, enhance the eyes and draw attention to your cheek bones. This treatment is ideal for individuals that suffer from sparse or no brows, women with alopecia or those going through cancer treatments find this procedure transformational. This treatment can even-out misshaped brows to achieve better symmetry and create an attractive brow.

Elizabeth found that having to draw on or powder in her own eyebrows every morning became an inconvenience to her work schedule and after having the treatment done herself, she can now run out of the house without worrying about not having her eyebrows on and they are perfectly done every day.

Eyebrows, hair stroke, powdered, combination- £299


This treatment for eyebrows can almost mimic actual hairs to give the client a beautifully shaped brow with the natural look of hair strokes.

Elizabeth can do a part brow and fill in any gaps/scars or she can design a full hair stroke brow if the hairs are sparse. Many men also have this treatment done if they have small/large scars through the eyebrows or missing hair and want a subtle procedure that is not obvious to others.

Eyebrows, hair stroke, powdered, combination- £299


This treatment is great for clients that want a beautifully shaped brow with some shading.

Dark haired clients may prefer this treatment as more colour will be added to make the brow darker and more defined, for a fair haired client this would be great to shade the brows to enhance the light brows.


Elizabeth can either powder the full brow or add hair strokes in so they can be a little softer and then powder through to give them more definition over the arch.

Eyebrows, hair stroke, powdered, combination- £299

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